• To help students develop and apply Television/broadcast media writing and packaging skills.

  • To prepare students generate and identify ideas and sources for producing a variety of television programs

  • To equip students with an understanding of the process and technology of television production and knowledge of established television programme forms.

  • To expose students to a range of television camera equipment, techniques and professional sound recording equipment.

  • To train students in the proficient use of professional digital editing software

  • Students will leave this course with practical skills required for program idea generation, implementation and actual production.

  • The student will have a better understating and appreciation of TV as a communication medium and how to use this medium to successfully communicate to their intended audiences.

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to research, develop and produce television news reports, feature projects, drama and various TV productions.

  • The student will be able to apply knowledge of broadcast writing in presentation and production of various TV programmes.

  • Students will have practical competence and knowledge with the use of non linear editing software and camera work.